Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today at the harden house

Conversation from earlier today....
P: what are people made of?
Daddy: meat
Me: cells
P: people aren't made of meat (laughs)
Me: what are you made of?
P: (looks down at himself and pats himself in several places) umm.... Vanilla.
Me: what is blue made of?
P: hair
Me: what is tt (little black girl in his class--wondering if black=chocolate) made of?
P: flavor
Me: what is stella made of?
P: she's made of vanilla too.

Tonight right before bed porter giving us a run down of the events at church for tomorrow...
"I can watch the band, and then go to my class, and when me and my teachers finish making crap you can come pick me up...."

New word of the day used correctly in a sentence--actually.

Porter's not much on pictures these days, so all I have is pictures of Stella. She's not old enough to refuse yet. ;)
Here's the little goober sitting up by herself. I just sat her between my legs to let her "practice" sitting on Thursday, and she never needed any help. She acted like she's been sitting on her own for months!

Best I can do of porter. He was given two huge boxes of geotrax hand-me-downs by the brownings, so our office has been looking like this for a few days now.

Back to Stella....

My sweet little thumb sucker. She is so mild mannered and timid. So different from big brother. She cries when she is startled, is wary of strangers, laughs most at daddy, but likes mama best.

She also sleeps much better than big brother!!! I put her to bed about 7:30 and she sleeps until about 6:30.
Cute little feet sticking out from under the blanket.

Cutest little naked hinney ever!!

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