Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hard Work!

Wow, is it ever hard work to get anything done around here with a baby on the move! While Jared was out having a good time today, I was at home cleaning up after him. Sound familiar??? His work desk (that is out in the open for all to see) basically doubles as a garbage can. That's what it normally looks like. I take that back--a garbage can that hasn't been emptied in over a year..... I decided to tackle it, my desk, and his bookshelf today. What would have already been an all day project, was even more of an all day project with a baby to constantly entertain and redirect. I was pretty impressed that the only thing he managed to get into his mouth was a piece of charcoal, and we only had to change his clothes once. He did take a couple good naps, which I could have used to get serious about my project, but instead used some of it to eat and sit in the recliner for a few minutes. The rest of his naptime I used to fold clothes--so I was productive. And he had the nerve to come home and say I earned my keep today!

Porter thought the boxes were an obstacle course--all he wanted to do was climb over them.

You can't even see the 2 huge stacks of junk on top of the file cabinet that I had to sort through to see if there was anything important that I shouldn't throw away. Then I realized if it had dust on it, it probably could be safely thrown away.

I didn't get an after picture of my desk because the camera battery died, but it is completely clean now too.

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  1. You got lots accomplished with Porter on the move! Naps are essential to run around like a mad woman and get everything done! But relaxing and actually getting to enjoy your food is great too while you can. Love your new necklace and you will get to the Keys again one day.