Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Legend of the Conch

When I got home from work Monday, there was a long slender box sitting on the kitchen counter for me.......

The card with it read: "Those who wear the conch," they say, "will return to Key West again someday." The saying comes from the fact that the conch, no matter how it is tossed and uprooted by the stormy sea, always returns home to graze placidly in the seagrass shallows.
So indestructible is this shell, it has become a symbol of strength and endurance against the sea, and for that matter, against all the storms of life.
This Key West Conch shell was designed and created as a tribute to the Island and to all who visit it with the hope that the Legend of the Conch will capture you with its spell and bring you back someday.

This is the first year since Jared and I have been together that we have not taken a trip to the Keys. The first year we went we stayed in Key West at Ocean Breeze Inn. It's near the southern most point, and is a less expensive option. We stayed in a little "Efficiency" Cottage, rented a scooter, and had a blast. The next time we went was for our honeymoon, and we stayed in a much more expensive, (and absolutely awesome) bed and breakfast called The Mermaid and The Alligator. We will be going back there someday. For the last 3 years we have stayed in or around Marathon, which is in the middle keys. We stayed a Heron's Rest, a house on the water, and Rainbow Bend Resort, and just rented a house on a canal. We have a great time every trip.
After I got my necklace and we started naming off the places we have stayed and talking about our trips, it made me miss it even more!

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