Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Today was traveling home day. We left about 8:30 this morning, and arrived home a little after 4:00. I was dreading it the whole week because I didn't know how Porter would do, but it wasn't bad at all. He slept from the time we got in the car until about 11:00, and then took another nap in the afternoon.
It was a wild week. The first half wasn't so much fun, but the last half was much better and we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. I wouldn't recommend it as a trip for a 10 month old, but the whole family going made it different than us just taking Porter to Disneyworld.
I have downloaded and edited all the pictures. It took a while. I'll be posting them a little at the time over the next few days, and I'm going to try to group them together by event. Stay tuned!

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