Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Magic Kingdom Day 2 (Wednesday)

Wednesday morning we went back to the Magic Kingdom. We wanted to go right when Toontown opened because we had heard that if you were first in line, Mickey and MInnie would give you a tour of their house. Well, Catherine was first in line, so she got the private tour. it was so awesome! She had a blast and so did we. Then we toured Minnie's house, but it wasn't a private tour. Jared got us all mouse ears with our names, and of course Porter got more toys. We had planned on going back to Animal Kingdom that day instead, but after that, we ended up staying a Magic Kingdom all morning. Porter rode the carousel again--feeling well--and we did the Philhar-magic show again (one of my favorite things at the Magic Kingdom). We did the Buzz Lightyear thing, which was really cool, the Winnie the Pooh ride (great), Snow White's ride (just ok), and saw the wicked step-mother and step-sisters (how fitting). Caroline got to see Pinnochio (her favorite), but wouldn't get her picture made. Overall, it was a great morning, and probably the most memorable one of the trip.