Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Porter likes meatloaf

He is definitely a carnivore. So far, he will actually chew and swallow chicken, barbequed pork, and meatloaf. This is the most things in one food group that he will eat. Next is the fruit group--he'll eat diced apples and peaches. Sometimes he'll eat bread, but he's not very consistent. If he's eating bread I call him my baby duck, because I'm tearing off little pieces an throwing it on his highchair tray. He would be a very good wine taster---swish and spit. Most things go in and come right back out. And if you put something on his tray more appealing in the middle of a bite, you will get a half chewed bite of something back.

I do seem to post a lot of highchair pictures.... It can provide a lot of excitement as well as grief!!! He must take after his daddy, because everybody knows his mama isn't picky!!

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