Monday, March 19, 2012

Fairhope arts and crafts 2012

This past weekend we stayed in Fairhope for the annual arts and crafts festival. We had fun visiting with family and friends that we don't get to see that often, browsing, and eating. What's not so much fun is managing a 3 year old and 3 month old in a hotel room. It's so odd how a 3 month old can even know the difference between places and do so much better at home, but miss Stella definitely was glad to be home. Porter--he's a handful anywhere.....
I had saved up my fun money and christmas money this year because i now have the pleasure of shopping for a little girl and there are so many more choices--especially at this festival. The booth I bought from has always been my favorite. We also patronized our favorite vendors--ginger woechan, Steve coburn pottery, Bungo glass, and the spoon mill. Here are our finds from this year.
I will post the artists we pages on the side (the ones that have pages).
Ginger woechan--original painting. Originals can be so so expensive, but ginger has always been very affordable and now we get the repeat offender discount. ;) and we love her paintings, so it's a win-win!!

Super super cute girl cloths... (can't get these pictures to rotate)

Steve coburn pottery...

For Stella's room...

For porter's room...

Jared got a change bank...

And this tray for his stuff. The oyster shells are not real. They are made out of clay. From a distance I had thought they were real and only after looking up close could you tell that they were not!!

Necklace from Shaun bungo. This is my 3rd year to purchase a necklace from him. Love all his glass stuff. He does doorknobs, drawer pulls, and other glass stuff too.

And spoons from the spoon mill. We love love these spoons. They are so awesome to cook with. This is our favorite shape. Great for browning hamburger or sautéed anything. We use them daily. I got a little one this year for scrambled eggs in our baby frying pan.

The kiddos had a good time. I think. Stella preferred to be carried or strapped to me, but totally was in her element being on the go. We have a second child that thinks her parents are just her personal transportation devices.

Porter was in love with the model train show. He had to watch the trains go in and out of the tunnel a hundred times.

He got to pet Elsie the Borden mascot. We did this more than once too.

And little beau the calf was just right for him.

It was a wild weekend for sure. I don't think I want to go anywhere again with a baby as long as I am breast feeding. That is a job.
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