Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9 months old!!

Stella turned 9 months old last Wednesday. She went to the dr on Thursday. She is 29 1/2" and 17lb 15oz.

This morning I got a quick peek at her new top tooth!! It's not all the way in yet, but she terrorized my parents with it this weekend while porter and I were at disneyworld.
This little girl is wild and can be a little snake. She will let you know very quickly if there is something she doesn't like. She sleeps pretty good as long as she isn't sick or teething and it seems like she has been either/or for the last month!! She is in very few 9 month clothes and mostly wearing 12-18 month size. She has just started wearing shoes on a regular basis since it has been chilly in the mornings. She eats pretty well and likes table food. She LOVES our blue dog and thinks her brother's toys are the best. Porter is perfecting "throwing bows" these days to protect his territory. We are a very active household to say the least....
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