Monday, November 30, 2009

Porter's 1 year checkup

Jared took him this morning for his checkup. They weighed him on the big scale and he was holding on, so the 20.6 lbs is not right. He was 22 lbs last time he went a couple of weeks ago. The baby scale was broken, so they just had to make do He was 31 inches tall, and that was standing up against the wall like a big boy!!! He has gone from the 3rd percentile for height, to the 80th percentile. He is still kinda skinny, but I imagine that it's because he's going to be like his daddy. We have definitely noticed how fast he has been growing because we keep going through clothes so fast.
He got 2 shots, and did really well. He doesn't seem too bothered by them. He got to see his girlfriend (one of the nurses he always flirts with), and Dr Peterson said he was very well mannered (he gets that from his mama ;) ).

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