Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RSV day 8

Well, slowly but surely we are making progress. She ate well enough that we could leave her iv out overnight, but we could still end up having to put it back in if her intake doesn't progressively pick up. She did pretty good last night with the O2 at 0.25 liters, so this morning they turned it down to 0.1. That is so little oxygen you would think she could do just the same without it!!!! If she does good on that for a few hours we are going to turn it off.

If she makes it all day without an iv we are going to celebrate by going to the tub room and getting a REAL bath this evening!! We have done a couple if little sponge baths, but she needs a real bath. Babies get dirty. If you pee and poop and drool and spit up and vomit and sneeze all over yourself you kinda stink!!

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  1. That bath is gonna feel sooo good. Glad things are starting to look up.