Friday, February 24, 2012

Stella's new BFF

While we were in Pensacola my baby changed some of her habits. She was very comfortable sleeping on her tummy, and she would rarely ever take a pacifier. She wanted to satisfy her need to suck while she was in the hospital, but did not want to eat, so she satisfied that need by becoming obsessed with her pacifier. Also, she was not at all comfortable on her tummy--not sure why, but probably because her chest hurt so bad and because maybe she felt like she couldn't breath. She mostly slept in her boppy because it would lengthen her airway and made it easier for her to breath. So now she wants to sleep on her side or her back.
I had first seen wubbanubs in the nicu when I was a resident, and decided to order myself and a friend a couple of them, and I am so glad I did. They just came in the week before Stella got sick, so we had not used them much, but they have been a lifesaver.
Here is Flossie:

Pre-RSV. This is the last picture taken before getting sick.

Nannie named this wubbanub after a bottle holder that was named after a hurricane when my mom was a baby--1956.
We also now have Katrina, and if we acquire another wubbanub at some point it will be Opal.

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