Friday, February 24, 2012

Stella update

We have been home from Pensacola for 2 days. Stella is doing well, but we still have a long way to go before she is well. We had a check up with Dr E today and her lungs do not sound well, but not bad. Our two main concerns at this point are nutrition and not getting a secondary bacterial infection. She is more susceptible now because her immune system is weak due to her illness. We are to stay out of public as much as possible and limit contact with people. So if you see us and we aren't friendly, we are just trying to keep Stella at a distance. We are supplementing with high calorie formula to make sure she doesn't lose any more weight--especially since her intake is only about 1/3 what she would normally eat. Her average right now is about 1 oz per feeding, and she isn't really eating more often than normal.
Overall, she is much better. She is more awake than she has been, is coughing less, and smiling and cooing. She is also starting to hold her head up again. It's obvious she feels better. Thanks to all those who have been praying for our little girl. All the calls, texts, and emails are uplifting and much appreciated.
Picture from today (in her new raggedy Ann onesie and leg warmers).

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